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The Professional Approach to Pesticide Usage in Home and Business

Toxins, which is a broad term for anything that is poison, work based on volume. The more toxic the substance, the less volume it takes to kill. When it comes to people, we come in all different sizes – volumes. Adults are larger, children smaller, babies tiny. It takes less of the same toxin to […]

Subterranean Pests and Winter Pest Problems

There are a number of pests around the Greater Austin Area that are pests all winter long. A good example of these types of pests is ants. Texas is home to many different species of ants and many are happy to invade your home. Ants are just one problem. In this blog, we talk about […]

Is It Termites?

Subterranean – Underground Living at Its Best Insects – termites, ants, and grubs, are just one subset of pests that live underground. Gophers, ground squirrels, and voles are another. These are all organisms that have evolved to thrive, living beneath lawns, in hedgerows, and they sometimes make themselves pests in our homes. Subterranean pests cause […]

Great Austin Pre-Spring Pest Issues

Big Winter Pest Issues One of the biggest pests of Winter is the rodent population. Rat and mice have been living in your outbuilding, in your walls, in your kitchen and they have all been having babies. By now the babies are big enough to be having babies and the population is about to explode […]

Flesh Flies & Disease

There are a number of fly species that fall under the category of flesh flies – these are the flies that are attracted to dead things and carcasses. While they provide a service to mankind and the environment, they are quite disgusting. Flesh Flies and Disease The problem with flesh flies is that every time […]