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Great Austin Pre-Spring Pest Issues

Big Winter Pest Issues
One of the biggest pests of Winter is the rodent population. Rat and mice have been living in your outbuilding, in your walls, in your kitchen and they have all been having babies. By now the babies are big enough to be having babies and the population is about to explode – literally. A single female mouse can have 40 babies per year and her daughters can start having babies in as little as six weeks after being born. All of that adds up to a lot of mice in your house.

Mice are just one member of the rodent pests. Rats and squirrels are just as bad this time of year. Squirrels are nesting and while they sleep away the winter, they are having babies. That’s not so bad if they nest in the trees. If they get into your walls or your attic, the problem becomes compounded.

Spiders – Indoors and Out are Waking
Spiders are another pest that are about to become active. As soon as the colder weather breaks, they will become active and search for prey. Indoors, the cellar spiders and funnel weavers will be actively lurking and waiting for prey. Outdoors, it will be the ground crawlers and wolf spiders – small at first and then the larger ones.

Queen for a Day
Mid-February and Early March is a time when the social wasps become active. They are not aggressive yet, but the new queens are looking for a new nesting site. By June, they will be back to being nasty.

All these pests are either active now or about to become active. If you have pest issues, talk to our professionals. We have solutions for homeowners and business owners for one-time problems and ongoing maintenance.