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Flesh Flies & Disease

There are a number of fly species that fall under the category of flesh flies – these are the flies that are attracted to dead things and carcasses. While they provide a service to mankind and the environment, they are quite disgusting.

Flesh Flies and Disease
The problem with flesh flies is that every time they land, they regurgitate their last meal. So, if they were eating dog poop, and they do, then that is what they throw up. If they land on your food, you are eating whatever they last ate. Nasty! Gross as that is, it is only part of the story. Inside of whatever they vomit are bacteria and virus and those are what causes the diseases.

One disease that flesh flies can cause is leprosy. They can also cause intestinal problems if you consume their eggs. Flesh flies have a complete metamorphosis meaning that they go through four stages of regeneration – egg, maggot, pupa, and adult. The larva of all flies are called maggots and it is the maggots that eat or consume the dead things. Adult flies have a sponge-like mouth and they primarily feed on “juices” of dead things. It is in those juices that the bacteria and virus thrive.

Flesh Flies and Home Living
House flies, blow flies, bottle flies, and a number of other flies are all well-known around homes and businesses. They are large, friendly, and will happily share your food. They are attracted to meat including processed meat, raw meat, and cooked. They are looking for a place to lay eggs and anything that is dead is a prime target.

You can help keep flesh flies out of your home and business by making sure that window screens are in place, for restaurants, a door blower is good too. If your home is plagued by flies, reach out to our professionals for complete pest control options throughout the greater Austin area.