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What Happens After My Treatment?

In the days after your treatment you will see some pest, these will flush out and be active over the coming weeks so Please Give 4 to 6 Weeks To Work. You may see an increase of activity this increase of pest activity will last for another 2 weeks as it begins to kill the pests off. After 4 weeks the Full treatment will begin to be effective. You should remove all cobwebs after 6 weeks after our treatments to ensure the treatment is successful, also note we can not control all spider web’s, No warranty services can be carried out until after the initial elimination period is completed.

Warranty Periods

Most of our treatments come with industry Standard warranty period, however due to the nature of some pests, the types of control methods allowed or available and this tropical environment, it is sometimes untenable to offer long warranties or even any warranty at all.  Below is a list of popular services and Warranties.
  • Our General Pest Control service includes
  • Common Cockroaches ,Webbing Spiders ,Poison Spiders & House Hold Ants.
  • Warranty For Common Cockroaches Is 6 months
  • Warranty For Webbing and Poison Spiders is 3 Months
  • Warranty For House Hold Ants Is 3 Months (inside only)

Specialist Pest Service Warranty Periods

  • German Cockroaches – Have Nil Warranty
  • 2nd German Cockroach Treatment must be carried out between 2 to 4 weeks after the initial treatment
  • Silverfish – Have Nil to 3 Months Warranty this will depend on the infestation
  • Carpet Beetles – Have Nil to 3 Months Warranty this will depend on the infestation
  • Wasps – Nil Warranty – This due to being a flying insect
  • Bees – Nil Warranty – This due to being a flying insect
  • Pantry Pest Like (case moth) Have Nil to 3 Months Warranty this will depend on the infestation
  • Extra Ant Treatment – With Ant Sand or Chemical Transfer Effect back to the ant nesting is 3 month Warranty
  • Flea treatments –  Nil to 3 Months Warranty  a Warranty is only applied after 2nd Treatment is completed between 4 to 6 weeks
  • End of Lease – Nil to 3 Month Warranty Depending On the Property
  • Rodent Treatment – No Warranty
  • Bed Bug Treatment – No Warranty
  • Flying Insects such as Flies and Mosquitoes – No Warranty
  • All Other Pest Are Quoted On Request and any warranty will be applied depending on the type of service and property.

Why don’t we offer Warranty on some Services?

In the case of Rodents, it is impossible to stop them from entering your home. Rodents are social creatures and while the baits will kill off your current infestation. It will not stop new rodents from finding your home and setting up a new nest. There is only one prevention method available is to stop them from entering your home in the first place. Bed bugs are often introduced through bags and luggage. Their eggs can lay dormant for up to 6 months and hatch when they detect body heat or CO2. If you have any visitors from overseas or do a lot of travelling, there is a high chance that you will carry new eggs into your property, your children can even bring them home from daycare.

Where will you retreat?

A service call is not a complete re-treatment but a thorough investigation and re-application to the area that only the technician identifies as the source of the issue. A warranty treatment may take under 30 minutes to complete.

What Recommendations must you follow?

Our written or verbal recommendations may include but not limited to:
• Sealing all food in air-tight containers • De-cluttering all storage area
• Making sure all food scraps and spills are cleaned promptly • Remove paper clutter
• Keeping drains clean • Sealing all gaps and cracks
• Maintaining Flyscreens •  Weather stripes on doors
• Keeping bins clean and tidy • Vacuuming and cleaning

Important areas that may need attention to maintain your warranty:

• Clear over growth this can harbor pest and attract termites • Keeping lawns tidy and maintained
• Remove all rubbish • Remove all webs after 4 weeks
• Remove all timber • Clean Gutters Out
• Replace broken plumbing • Fixing any dripping taps or pipes
• Repair leaking showers ASAP • Keep Foundations Clear and clean

Type’s of  common equipment and chemical’s we may use:

• Ant gels and Traps /Ant granules • Bifenthrin – Permethrin –  Tetramethrin
• Cockroach gels/Glue boards/ IGR chemical • Deltamethrin – Fipronil – Pyriproxyfen
• Insecticide dust/Aerosols or Gas •  Bromadiolone – Brodifacoum – Flocoumafen
• Rodent traps/Rodent lock Box/Rodent bait • Imidacloprid – Indoxacarb – Triflumuron
• Termite stations / Termite bait box/ Termite Applicator • Beta-Cyfluthrin – Thiamethoxam – Cypermethrin

How to Book a Follow up Service

Making a 2nd service is an easy process, however we cannot always fit you in immediately as our business operates on ‘pre-bookings’ where a majority of clients book a month in advance. Because we want you to be happy, we do everything we can to service your home as soon as possible. The First step is to make sure that 4 to 6 weeks has passed since your treatment. This will give the treatment the best opportunity to be full effective. Next you will need to ensure that you have followed all our recommendations, bother verbal and written. This is to ensure that all conducive conditions have been removed from your home. Thirdly, we ask that you submit photographs of the continuing problem. The photographs are essential to our team of pest experts, this way we can properly assess and develop a strategy plan on how best to move forward. The photos will also progress your claim quicker.

For this reason we request you use this link to BOOK ON LINE and Attach your photos

What Voids Your Warranty?

Warranty claims become ineligible if you have failed to implement all of our verbal and written recommendations including: disturbing treated areas, building and garden alterations, by the introduction of infested materials or using store bought pest sprays. The use of household sprays and store bought products are a lesser quality and in most cases a completely different chemical formulation than the commercial strength chemicals we use. Store bought products will contaminate our treatments and cause them to be ineffective. The use of these products after our treatments will void your warranty.

Warranty Periods for your Termite Inspection

What is you warranty for your termite inspection? unfortunately there is no home insurance for termite damaged as is there is no warranty on a termite inspection however A termite inspection is the first step in termite management we use up to date technology when inspecting your property.

Warranty Periods for your Termite Treatment

What is you warranty for your termite treatment? A warranty for your termite treatment will be part of your quotation and agreement, should a problem arise concerning your termite treatment then we will return and complete a free service under your warranty as long as no agreed treatment plans have been missed over the warranty period.

Warranty Periods for your Commercial Property

What is you warranty for your commercial property? A warranty for a commercial property will be part of your quotation and agreement, should a problem arise concerning nominated pest then a free spot treatment, can be applied. However due to the type of environment and ongoing food sauce many commercial properties may need to have a controlled application to remove any future Pest Infestation and this will be quoted on request.
*All warranties are subject to the time of treatment and are at the desecration of the company and its staff.
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