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We live and know the Sydney Local areas.

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  • We have more than 30 years’ experience servicing western Sydney Homes and Business and 100’s of Campbelltown homes.
  • Our Trained technicians have years of experience in all pest control. Including Termites,Fleas,Ants,and Poisonous Spider control.Service Areas
  • You always get the right warranty on your service

We don’t do Gimmick Pest control to win your trust 

Like (The Best 200% guarantee or your money back)

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Our trained professionals provide you with our expert pest control Knowledge.

If you see what you think is TERMITES! We offer a free home inspections to investigate any early termite and pest activity we help you with all your pest control Needs Inc:

All our technicians is highly experienced in all areas of pest control. We ensure treatments are safe for kids and pets, that’s we use eco-friendly products and IGR’S (insect growth regulators).

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Proven Pest And Termite Control is dedicated to providing a premium pest control service to all our clients with the right job for the right price.

The Proven Pest Control team values and cares about their customers, which is reflected in their customers loyalty to them. We pride ourselves in offering friendly, personalised professional service. Some would call it “Old Fashioned Service”.

Proven Pest And Termite Control offer only the highest standard of treatments to Australian Standards to safeguard your home, family and business.

There are many options for pest control in Sydney  – from eco friendly and toxic free treatments, to pest control monitoring.

If you have any concerns about the well being and safety of kids or pets, just ask.

We’ll be happy to explain what we do and design a plan that’s right for you.

Whether the customer is a business or a home-owner, Proven Pest And Termite Control’s staff combine their experience and knowledge with on-going training so that they can implement the most effective pest management system for you.

For great rates on pest control anywhere in Sydney, call us today.

We give pests the Flick when treating your campbelltown pest infestation,
Controlling pests is an important part of regular residential maintenance.

Some pests are just unsightly; others like cockroaches, rats and mice can cause illness or spread disease, while some spider bites can be deadly.

Protecting your family and pets is vital.

In our ‘Faq’ section, you’ll find simple, handy hints about what you can do to limit problems from all sorts of annoying bugs around your home.