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Thermal Image Technology

Along with traditional termite detection methods, ABC Pest Control also uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a thorough termite inspection service. Through the use of thermal image equipment, we are able to identify potential issues and risk areas in your home or business which are not visible to the naked eye.

Our trained and experienced termite inspectors use the thermal image technology to efficiently and effectively identify possible areas that require an in-depth investigation for termite activity.  We then use conventional inspection methods to determine the extent of the termite damage and infestation.

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How Thermal Imaging Works With Termite Inspections:

Termites require a warm and humid environment to thrive in, meaning that a concentration of termites will appear as a different colour to the surrounding wall on our thermal imaging equipment. By detecting heat through the walls using our equipment, we can instantly detect potential termite activity, as well as inactive termite nests which will appear cooler than the surrounding wall due to mud packing.

As a non-invasive way to quickly detect termite activity, thermal imaging is a popular method in quickly identifying potential risk areas of your home or business. There are, however, limitations with thermal imaging technology, so we ensure that we use multiple methods during our inspections to ensure we provide the best possible inspection.

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More About Our Termite Inspections:

At ABC Pest Control we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a comprehensive termite inspection for their residential or commercial property in Sydney.  We have extensive knowledge of termite colonies and termite behaviour, as well as termite types, which helps us to deal with your termite issues quickly and effectively.

So if you are looking for a thorough termite inspection for your home or business, then look to our specialists at ABC Pest Control. We offer honest advice and information about all types of termite treatments and preventative measure for your property.

For further information about our thermal image technology and how it can assist with your pest inspection, please contact our professional staff today.

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Thermal Image Technology
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