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At ABC Pest Control we pride ourselves on providing clients with high quality termite treatments, inspections and services for their home or business in Sydney. We use state-of-the-art equipment and products, such as thermal image technology and Termidor, to ensure that we eradicate your termite problem and not just manage it.

As a locally owned and operated pest control business, we work closely with clients to ensure that their termite issue is treated properly and professionally. We not only provide our clients with quality termite treatments, but also with helpful and useful advice to prevent the return of termites.

With over 10 years of experience in the pest control industry, we have helped many clients rid termites from their home through our termite services. Whether detecting and treating the issue early or tackling an extensive termite problem, we can provide you with a professional termite inspection and treatment service.

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Early Signs

It can be difficult to detect the early signs of termite infestations, however for a trained professional like our staff at ABC Pest Control, it can be easy to spot the early warning signs. Detecting and treating the termite problem early can save your property from extensive damage and costly repairs.

One of the first signs of termites invading your home or surrounding property is the presence of flying or winged termites, who are relocating and looking to start up a new colony. So look for loose wings around your home, business or outdoor area, as well as sawdust around the walls of your home for signs of termites.

Our Termidor Treatments

At ABC Pest Control we use the latest in termite eradication products for the treatment of your termite issues. Whilst most other termiticides used act as a repellent to termites, our Termidor product uses the social behaviour of termites to transfer the chemical throughout the colony, effectively and efficiently killing termites that are invading your Sydney home or business.

New to the Australian market, Termidor has been used to treat over 600,000 homes in the USA, proving to be 100% effective in controlling termites after 8 years of testing. Because the active ingredient in Termidor is slow acting, killing it within a few days of initial contact, the infected termites can transfer the chemical to multiple termites before dying.

Features and Benefits of Termidor®

  • It acts on the termite's nervous system.
  • Its speed of activity is dose dependent; the higher the dose the quicker it acts.
  • It is active on termites through both contact as well as ingestion.
  • Termidor® is non-repellent. Termites will not avoid treated soil, and will consume substrates containing even very high concentrations of fipronil (the active ingredient in Termidor®).
  • Fipronil is also capable of being transferred between active termites.
    • Studies using radioactive labeled fipronil have been able to trace the transfer of fipronil from both soil to termites and from termites to other termites.
    • Foraging termites pick up fipronil through ingestion and contact with the treated soil.

For more information about our range of termite treatments and services, please contact one of our friendly staff at ABC Pest Control today.

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